The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon

The purpose of a good review is to say something about a book that nobody else has, and to try and influence the reader’s decision to read or not to read it. Right? Write! I’ll digress for a bit, ok?

Let me tell you a bit about my reading habits. I read everything! I mean it. I have even read harlequins. At one point I thought it was a good idea to read a few medicine books my mother had (it wasn’t). Over the years I tried to diversify my reads, refine my taste – you know, get going with the “classics”. I won’t lie; I really prefer fantasy, science fiction, mystery novels. But I thought I would be missing out if I didn’t read a bit of everything. That’s what this blog is for. I’ll try and write about every book (at least the ones I remember) I ever read, even if I didn’t like it – or missed the point entirely. I’m not an expert; I’m just a heavy reader.

To the book in question. Really enjoyable. I laughed a lot; it pleases me when a book can do that to me. It’s quirky, funny, interesting; it has a lovable protagonist with a very unique point of view. Mostly, though, I felt like it was getting away from me. I was holding a net, but it kept flying away. Why?

Well, you know how you like to connect with the characters, to feel the empathy, the bond between you? I didn’t have that. I was almost “academic” in my approach of the story. Disconnected; that’s the word I’m looking for. Sometimes that’s a good thing. In this case, I felt so far away from the outer world, so immersed into my head that it got a bit too uncomfortable.

Fortunately, the book is quite short, so I could return to my skin by the next day. If a book – plus your mood and your imagination – can make this thing happen to you, then I have nothing but good things to say. I would definitely recommend it to everyone but, beware: a nice sunny day might help you.

Served with cheap black tea at a cafe at Portobello Road. Best served with a bookish friend at your side.


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  1. Read this in a day but when I was living in the UK


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