moab is my washpot by Stephen Fry

This is an autobiography covering the first 20 years of Stephen Fry‘s life. If you don’t know who he is, you should watch the Black Adder series, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, and listen to his amazing voice as he reads all seven books of the Harry Potter stories. Then come back and let me talk to you about this book. I think this was given to me as a gift – which is weird because it’s a biography, and thus not a safe choice for a gift. As I understand it now, if the writer is crafty, and funny, plus extremely intelligent the biography is transformed into a rather unexpected novel.

As I read through the pages, I was amazed to find out not only that I wasn’t bored but that I was actually enjoying myself. Since the time I have been reading the St. Clare’s books by Enid Blyton, I always wanted to go to a boarding school – preferably in England. Then came Hogwarts (the best boarding school) and finally I read Stephen Fry‘s book. That is exactly how I felt, jealous and delighted to find myself back in school with Stephen and his friends.

There’s a lot more in this book actually but, personally, I prefer to remember the mischief, the games, the laughs of young children, their inability to take things “seriously”.

I especially enjoyed the bit where he and Hugh Laurie – again watch the aforementioned TV shows, plus House M.D. – became friends, since I’m a fan of both of them.

I loved it! I want to read some of his fiction books as well, and maybe even try the second installment: The Fry Chronicles, published in 2010. Only time will tell.

I would recommend it to anyone who wishes a good laugh, and a bit wickedness.


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  1. I want to read this soooo bad!


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