The Three by Sarah Lotz

This was a… weird book. It feels like an epistolary novel, with multiple articles and transcriptions of Skype conversations, text messages, etc. OK, let’s start from the beginning – I promise, no spoilers.

This is the story of four instantaneous plane crushes – on Europe, Japan, Africa, and America – and three child survivors that should never have survived. The whole situation is shrouded by mystery as no one can account for the crushes nor the survivors. If you watch closely on the cover you can see four “tears”, three of which are red and are depicting the three children and one black-grey which is empty – supposedly for a fourth survivor (unconfirmed).

Well, all in all, I quite enjoyed it though I could have lived without all the religious natters and their doom-filled speeches about the Second Advent. I was rather disappointed by the ending; it felt anticlimactic. But, I can’t really see how else it could have ended. Maybe I wanted to be left in the dark, who knows?

Anyway, I’ve been talking about this – the disappointing ending – and a friend told me that it shouldn’t ruin my experience of the book. Besides, I’m rarely satisfied by endings in any book. I would recommend this title nonetheless.

I would also like to thank Hodder Books for this proof copy, as well as the Goodreads giveaway contest.

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  1. Kate's Reviews says:

    Sounds peculiar… Could be an interesting read though


    1. Marina S. says:

      It sure is interesting. Try it out.


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