Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Landline by Rainbow Rowell, 2014: Orion, Kindle edition

I’m so disappointed in this book. I really love everything Rainbow Rowell puts out in the book world, but this one was rather blah. The plot was weak, the love story not convincing and the whole thing was just a monotonous monologue of a woman whom I don’t really recognize. On the one hand it is as if we are talking about a powerful business woman who is excelling in a man’s world (comic TV shows) and on the other hand I feel like she is penalized for that success with a sourly faced husband who does-not-get-it.

If I had a magic phone… I would call myself and tell me a few things about my choices but, no, I would not spend my week with it as the heroine did. On the plus side, this book is easily read and it will be over before you get the chance to become really bored by it.

This was Rowell’s attempt at writing an adult novel; I don’t think she succeeded. It still felt like a Young Adult and that it lost the magic that Attachments and Eleanor & Park had – even Fangirl was great compared to this one.


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  1. I liked this but I thought her husband wasnt that good.And why did she have to run and beg?


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