My year in books: 2015 edition

It might be February now but every year I promise myself I will right one of these and every year I fail to deliver. Mostly because I think about it, and then think about it some more, I read a few books, I write some other stuff and before you know it it’s April and then it’s too late to talk about the previous year. So yay me! I’ve managed this year.

This is a PDF extracted from Goodreads with all the stats and all the books: Goodreads _ Marinas Year in Books. So let’s break them down, shall we?

First of all, it was my best reading year yet (apart from those obscure college years, when I spent most of my days reading but had no Goodreads to monitor my progress): I’ve managed to read/audioread about 100 books! While also reading for my MA, reading for work, and working full time. (And yes, I do have a life outside reading I just don’t talk about it.) So, the “trick” is that this year I subscribed to Scribd (a book subscription service that gives you quasi-unlimited access to their library of eBooks, graphic novels & comics, and audiobooks) and I kept consuming audiobooks and comic books like a maniac. This is also the year I decided to start a graphic novel “shelf/library” which means many more trade paperbacks for my collection.

37 trade paperbacks & some issues: including all the amazingly spooky Locke & Key series by Joe Hill, the cute feminist children’s comics series Lumberjanes, the first 6 issues of Miss Marvel through the Marvel Unlimited app (another subscription service I tried for a month), the hilariously disturbing Afterlife with Archie (zombies in Riverdale!), the oh so funny and fun Scott Pilgrim series, the thoughtful Persepolis (complete paperback edition), the highly instructive Understanding Comics, the rather disappointing The Woods (vol. 1), a few funny issues of Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel Unlimited again) aaaand… drum roll please… SAGA! Yes! I know all around people are going nuts about this series but they have a valid point: this space opera phantasmagoria is amazing and you should try it now. I literally mean now! I don’t even mind if you don’t even finish this sen-

29 audiobooks: this was the year of audiobooks! Some of them were really instructive like the Shock Doctrine, Better Than Before and Bad Feminist, some were so engaging I did not want to stop listening like Bone Gap (one of my favourites of the year), Lexicon (ditto), Lock In (yes!), The Rook (so inventive), Tampa (disturbingly good), Dark Rooms, Console Wars, Freakonomics, Superfreakonomics, Invisible Monsters and How to Be a Woman, while yet others were kind of “meh” as was the How to Built a Girl (the irony of having loved the non-fiction book by Caitlin Moran), Madaddam (book 3 of the Madaddam trilogy by Margaret Atwood), The Boyfriend List, Yes Please, The Fangilr’s Guide to the Galaxy, WindhavenThe Well of Lost Plots, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrel, The Sword of Shannara, Interview With a Vampire and the Girl in the Spider’s Web. These next ones I absolutely loathed: A Madness So Discreet, Twilight, Red Queen, and Shatter Me. The loathed ones may have redeeming factors in the physical book versions but I shall never know. I hate them! Oh, and one I always forget (which goes to say how much I did not really care about it): A Kingdom Besieged.

6 children’s books with colourful illustrations: nothing to comment here.

18 eBooks: a lot of great reads here including Every Day (so cute and perfect and full of feels!), Fairest (AAAAAH!), Isla and the Happily Ever After (do I have to even talk about the marvel that is Stephanie Perkins?), The Martian (oh my Mars!). The “OK, I guess” books were the Abhorsen series, Paper Towns, Landline, Extras (companion novel to the Uglies trilogy), Mistborn: the Final Empire, How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method, The Silkworm (2nd book of the Cormoran Strike detective series) and Winter (final book of the Lunar Chronicles and I’m depressed). The hated one: The Magicians! I even hate-watch the TV series now and I will probably hate-listen to the rest of the series in audiobooks. Don’t ask me why.

7 paperbacks and hardbacks: is that right? Did I only read 7 physical books (apart from some comic books and all the illustrated children’s books)? Girl, did digital overthrow all else! Great picks: Swastika Night (another good feminist dystopian novel), a small non-fiction book by Eduardo Galeano (Ένας μαγικός θάνατος για μια μαγική ζωή). The War of Art was just OK and Dracula, while a classic, was a drag to finish, Alastra (a YA/middle grade fantasy novel by a Greek author), a contemporary epistolary YA novel by Italian author Antonio Dikele Distefano and Ferals was a page turner without anything more going for it.

So there you have it. I might have forgotten one or two; I don’t have the stamina to count them again. I could have broken the categories even more by genre or preference and I could certainly blabber on about my favourites but this is a huge enough post as it stands so I will sign out for now.

Before I go a few more stats: the longest book was Winter (824 pages), while the longest audiobook was Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrel (32 hrs and 36 mins). And here is a cute little chart by the lovely Goodreads stats page:


See all of my books here. Happy reading everyone!


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