Welcome to the published thoughts of my mind. I have this front page in case you stumbled upon my page by mistake and you needed a minute to bear your surroundings; maybe you decided to stay a little longer. Congratulations! Now I can bleed your eyes with my self-centred ramblings about all things bookish.

I am writing about books I read – or want to read or won’t read -, authors and genres I love and generally bookish geeky stuff. But, I also want to write about the publishing industry, things that interest me, my work-hunting dos, don’ts and maybes and some rather pseudo-philosophical texts.

I have high hopes about a podcast I want to experiment with and/or vlog. We’ll see how all these plans pan out. Anyway, welcome again; you can enter any category you feel like and see what you make of it.

You can find my latest post here: My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante, Book to TV adaptation.

For all the last posts click on the category above marked Posts (or directly on this link).

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