Presenting: the Book Riot Podcast

Here you can find the link to the podcast. As they say “Always books. Never boring”, and they’re quite right. I like listening to podcasts while I do various household chores (they’re such a bore on their own) or when taking a shower and, generally, doing something and need my arms and eyes focused. I could read a book while doing the dishes, but I’ve only ever learned how to type without looking. Maybe there’s a workshop about that somewhere (plus, waterproof books for reading in the bathtub).

To the point: the podcast is run by Jeff O’Neil and Rebecca Schinsky, both bookish people, funny and daring. Actually, my favourite is Rebecca but only because I keep expecting Jeff to be boring (I really can’t say why I expect that) and he turns out to be the funniest – most surprisingly – of the two. How does he do that? He talks in a straight voice like he’s saying something serious and by the end of his sentence you’re laughing without realising where the joke came from. Listening to them makes me feel like the book-nerd in me is finally at home. And, since I said that, they’ve started another podcast, called Dear Book Nerd, run by Rita Meade (a librarian, I believe) that started out with posts. Here you can find all the posts and casts.

Every time I listen to the podcast I feel kind of sad because I have to wait a week before I can get my hands on the next one. Apart from the fun stuff, they report on publishing news from around the world which, for me, is amazing. I read a lot of bookish/publishing online articles and magazines and, sometimes, I just can’t keep up with the sheer volume of them. Fortunately, these guys know what they’re talking about and keep me up to date with all the highlights of the week.

‘nough said. Go check it out. It’s free, it’s fun and you won’t be sorry.

Edit: I forgot to say that there are app versions of the podcast on iTunes and Play stores. The app downloads the most recent podcast and you can listen to it offline.


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  1. Thanks so much for listening and sharing the show, Marina! –Rebecca


    1. Marina S. says:

      You’re welcome! I like you guys.


  2. Livia says:

    The paragon of untedsranding these issues is right here!


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